Dealing with Hybrid Graphics card system in Ubuntu, Fedora, other distros (Intel/Ati)

UPDATE : Ubuntu now officially supports hybrid GPU Systems. View the steps to setup here I’ve been trying to find some solution for avoiding over-heating and battery consumption with Hybrid Graphics system in Linux (Ati/Intel in my case) . The only workable solution i could find is working the vgaswitcheroo. VGASwitcheroo is a GPU switching […]

Over-Heating high Power consumption in Ubuntu/Mint, Fedora or any Linux

UPDATE : The fix for hybrid graphics system I recently installed Ubuntu 13.04 on my New Dell Inspiron Laptop, it came pre-installed with Windows, which i got rid of. After installing, i noticed a lot of heat generating and reduced battery life. This was surprising also because my hardware was ON the Ubuntu hardware compatibility […]